I discovered how to dress for an event with a semi-formal dress code. Get inspired to create your look. When you open that invitation to see the word “semi-formal” staring at you, it’s natural for you to feel a little worried.

  1. What is the semi-formal dress code?
    When it comes to dressing for semi-formal events, coming up with the perfect outfit can be tricky.
What is the semi-formal dress code?
What is the semi-formal dress code?

As the name suggests, semi-formal is a mix of sophisticated clothing and a more relaxed style. As such, it is more casual than formal dress codes, such as black-label outfits. So while you are likely to…

One of the most significant doubts that a wedding generates is the protocol that must be followed in each of them in terms of clothing. This is determined, above all, by the time the wedding is celebrated, which also affects the styling. And with regard to this, the same doubts always arise, to wear long evening dresses for the wedding or better to opt for a short one? There are different rules for night celebrations than for day weddings, and we will help you solve them before you go crazy. …

One of the most emotional moments of any couple is their wedding day. For this they are in charge of selecting the best photographer who can portray every moment of this special date. If you are the one chosen, and you have some doubts, here are 15 tips to know how to take the best photos for weddings .

1. Have your wedding photography equipment ready
It is important that before attending the venue, you have all your wedding photography equipment ready . Make sure you have charged your battery, this way you will not harm your work. …

There are so many months of preparation for your wedding that they hope that, just like you, each of the attendees will take away a pleasant memory of that date. To achieve this, you can rely on the following ideas.

They have delivered the invitations and the expectation is growing among their family and friends. They have dedicated several months to preparing their wedding and although they have already resolved some of the basic aspects such as the wedding dress and groom suit, they still need to define some details to make that day an unforgettable memory among the attendees…

If you want to plan a simple wedding with little money, first of all, know that even with a limited budget you can have the dream wedding if you follow some basic steps.

How to plan a simple and inexpensive wedding opting for nontraditional wedding

When starting with planning your wedding, you should first establish a budget that is suitable for everyone involved. You will find that you can plan a nontraditional wedding that not only reduces costs but is fun and easy to do. How can you opt for a smaller wedding that can allow you more flexibility in…

People usually start planning their wedding about a year in advance, although others prefer to start planning and making reservations two years in advance.

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, but you can manage it if you start taking the right steps a year before or more than the scheduled date. To do this, keep a schedule with all records of everything that is being done and tasks to do. This organization will keep you on track and have time to make all necessary adjustments in case of unforeseen circumstances.

To start planning a wedding and making…

Although for you it is not a topic in the day today, the truth is that bridal makeup does require a search and preparation. Write down the following tips to find the right one.

Insists on makeup tests prior to the exchange of wedding rings, because a bad choice can mercilessly overshadow your backless wedding dress, no matter how amazing it is.

That is why, as important as the suit, the wedding hairstyle and the accessories, is to pay attention also to the makeup that you will wear on your big day. How to choose it? …

Who has never doubted when each guest enters? Is there a correct order or can the couple choose?

Well, all the details of the wedding can be changed by the bride and groom. After all, it’s your special day and it should be your way. And, if there is no protocol from the religious institution, the couple can change the traditional order. Perhaps, therefore, there are many doubts in this regard.

Traditionally, whether religious or not, the order of entry into the ceremony is:

1 — groom and mother of the groom;

2nd — father of the groom and mother…

“Hey, I got engaged and I don’t even know where to start ?”

Very calm at that time. We will help you with this, engaged.

One of the first steps to start planning a wedding is financial planning. This determines how much the bride and groom have to spend, where they can spend, where to invest more and where to save.

This pre-wedding phase is marked by many expenses: ceremony, new house, party, buffet, flowers. A moment, certainly, exciting but also very stressful for the couple. …

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